Description:The Gem Refractometer can be used to determine whether or not if a stone is single or double refracting as the stone with its particular physical characteristics. Refractometer Fable brand with:

1. With Testing Scale;

2. Testing rang: 1.35-1.85;

3. Accuracy: 0.002;

4. Weight: 1 kg;

5. Working table: Stainless Steel;

6. Two ways of power supply:2x AAA batteries and 3V DC;

7. Durable CZ testing Prism;

8. Built-in Monochromatic LED light;

9. Large visual field and easy to read.

10. With two stages of the adjustable light

11. Package: Color box Package.



1. 2ml refringent oil;

2. power adapter;

3. Polaroid.


Product Advantage:


1. With Large visible viwer field

2. With very clear scale

3. With two stages of adjustable brightness


Applications: Gemology Laboratory, Gemology School, Gemology student, gemology hobbyist, Jewelry Shop,ect.

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