About Us

GemsDee is a leading wholesale B2B platform in Thailand that connects gems and jewellery valuable buyers to quality suppliers from all across the world. Our platform encourages independent sellers, suppliers and business owners to connect with like-minded audience who appreciates anything jewellery from gemstone accessories to diamonds with a goal to help buyers and business owners reach the global markets easily.   



Our Mission

Shopping jewellery is never easy, especially if you’re looking for unmatched quality at an unmatched pricing range! Hence, at GemsDee, our mission is to facilitate the jewellery selling market through our one-stop platform that creates a robust marketplace for products like gemstones, diamonds, jewellery and accessories! The goal is to create a single industry footprint for wholesalers and suppliers. And it’s a platform which gives your brand the push and spotlight it deserves.




One Stop Sourcing

From increasing website traffic to highlighting your bestsellers, connecting you to suppliers and buyers, and thereby helping you fuel your business growth- our single-hub marketplace can be your path to infiltrating international markets!

What’s so unique about GemsDee?

Well, unlike other marketplaces, at GemsDee we will get you a web link AND a digital space of your own to showcase your products which can help you not only advertise your bestsellers but also create a unique brand identity of your own.

All our wholesalers and suppliers are trustworthy and verified for your safety purposes! Bring your jewellery brand to us and let us help you dazzle!



Anytime Anywhere

In this fast-paced world of competition, the best power move for your business would be securing a digital space of your own! This typically means, you get to connect with your business, clients, sellers, and more anytime anywhere through our one-stop platform and have your business prosper, even when you’re on-the-go!



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