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Gemmologist tool for testing transparent gemstones 
Observation of optical properties, glass strain, etc. 
Full visible light spectrum. (400nm-700nm)  
A CONOSCOPE is included. 
Detachable European style crocodile clip included, you can rotate the stone in any direction. With conoscope, you can get the interference figure with ease ! (interference figure help to define the optic axis.) 
You can use worldwide (110V-120V & 220V-240V). 
Adaptable plug for your country (if not, we will provide free adapter). 
1 X 15W replacement bulb 
Size 8cm(w) x 12cm(l) x14cm(h) , with a viewing field 4cm in diameter. 
With a table glass(40mm in diameter) over the lower polarizer 
Latest Model in good quality 
With Built-in light source. 
NEW In excellent condition

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