Gemstone Supplier in Thailand

03 Jan, 2023


Gemstone Supplier in Thailand


Gemstone Supplier in Thailand - The second-largest gemstone producer in the world is Thailand. Bangkok, its capital, is also known as the world's gemstone capital. Being the world's center for cutting, polishing, and trading gemstones of all kinds.

In this blog, I give a brief overview of Thailand's gemstone industry and what gemologists, jewelers, and private collectors can expect. We've outlined steps to safeguard your purchase in Thailand, where a thriving synthetic gemstone industry thrives.

The color of rubies is attributed to the element chromium, as they are a variety of aluminum oxide. Rubies are valued by their color - the redder they are, the higher their value. Most high-quality rubies in the world are mined in the Chanthaburi-Trat district in Thailand's southeast. Ruby Gemstones are supplied by Gems Dee Thailand and around the world.

Topaz is a gemstone known for its yellow, orange, and brown colors, but it also occurs in colorless and other variants. A pink or red stone is the most valuable, followed by an orange or yellow stone. There is a surge in the supply of blue topaz, which used to be rare. The Gems Road market in Chanthaburi is a good source of topaz. 



Jewelry Supplier in Thailand


Gems Dee is a global supplier of gemstones and jewelry, among the country's top exports. Nam Yuen, Khao Saming, Pong Nam Ron, and Chanthaburi are popular gemstone hubs. 

Potential buyers should first visit the Thai Gems and Jewelry Traders Association website to find reputable gemstone dealers and traders.

Gems Dee has a strong background in sourcing precious and semi-precious gemstones. We have the best and most authentic stones from reliable precious and semiprecious stone suppliers in Thailand at Gems Dee.

There are four types of precious stones: rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds. The other stones of value fall under the category of semiprecious stones.

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