B2B website for Australian South Sea pearls

24 Feb, 2022

Leading South Sea pearl producer Paspaley is offering exclusive access to a wide range of Australian South Sea pearls via its B2B website.

The highly coveted Australian South Sea pearls are the rarest and most valuable in the world, unrivalled in size, nacre quality and natural colour and lustre. To make these extraordinary pearls more accessible to the trade, Paspaley Pearling Company – the largest producer of Australian South Sea pearls – has launched a wholesale website that offers prospective clients an extensive assortment of high-quality pearls.

“Paspaley has built a successful fine jewellery brand in Australia by offering contemporary pearl jewellery designs that meet the trends and expectations of today’s market,” shared Executive Director Peter Bracher. “This opportunity is largely untapped on an international level. As the world’s largest producer of high-quality Australian South Sea pearls, we can supply a wide range of South Sea pearls at competitive prices.”

Paspaley’s online inventory includes rare one-of-a-kind pearls, high-quality pairs, strands and loose pearls, providing a reliable supply of fine-quality Australian South Sea pearls with guaranteed natural colour and lustre. Pearls are handpicked by pearl graders with experience in selecting pearls to meet the specific requirements of various types of jewellery.

"Authenticity, ethics, sustainability and provenance are factors that modern consumers desire, in addition to the beauty or quality of the product itself,” Bracher said. “Paspaley’s Australian South Sea pearls are well positioned to become the choice of conscientious jewellery buyers who want a product derived from nature with an authentic, romantic and ethical story."

Paspaley’s pearls are sustainably produced by a company with vested interest in environmental protection – showcasing nature’s ability to produce naturally beautiful objects that can be purchased with confidence.

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