$500.00 - $700.00

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Product size :350*300*280mm

Rotating base diameter 150mm

Experience your creativity with a Digit-eBox.

No need for photo knowledge. 

No need for lighting skills. 

What you see is what you'll see…


Digital photography of small to medium sized products, 

such as; jewelry, crafts, culinary, wine, flowers, dishes, etc.


HAD 360 Jewelry Photography Studio features a built in turntable base as well as a removable aerial necklace stand.  The speed of the turntable and aerial stand can be adjusted to move fast or slow. 

High powered LED lighting is built into the photo box and different sections can be turned on or off depending on the amount of lighting needed. 

The photo box also comes with different color background inserts for the back wall as well as the turntable.  

Safe low working voltage DC 12V 

Diffused combination of LED lighting 

Stabilized color-temperature (daylight 5500K) 

Light weight, compact sizes and sturdy construction 

Camera mounting brackets in different sizes included 

Creates a shadow less and glare free shooting environment 

Individual light output adjusters for base, front and rear light panels 

Auxiliary accent LED lights in Two different colors (green and blue) 

Extremely energy efficient, low heat emitted, and very little maintenance required

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