Resplendent Gems, Colourful Prospects

16 Nov, 2022

A study by THE MVEye published earlier this year revealed that coloured gems are capturing more consumer and trade attention. 

Results of the company’s Fall 2020 Comprehensive Consumer and Trade Colored Gemstone Market Research Study showed that more than 93 per cent of US consumers “Love” or “Like” emerald, ruby and sapphire – the so-called “Big Three” in the coloured gemstone jewellery trade.

“Precious colour is once again a clear winner for the consumer seeking fresh looks in fine jewellery styles and for the trade trying to capture the imagination of self-purchasing females and next-gen jewellery buyers,” said Marty Hurwitz, CEO of THE MVEye.

But what makes coloured gemstones special? According to auction house Christie’s, these precious gems have an allure all of their own. 

Emeralds, for instance, are highly sought after for their deep, mysterious green colour. Good colour and clarity are the ingredients of highest-quality emeralds but proportions are equally important. “If they’re poor, light will diffract and go through the stone, rather than bouncing around within it, coming out, and hitting the eye — a phenomenon known as total internal refraction,” noted Christie’s. “While fissures, known as ‘inclusions’, are common, too many will affect the beauty of the stone and lower its value.” 

The same concept of quality applies with rubies and sapphires. As with emeralds, buyers of rubies and sapphires should look for stones with an appealing colour and clarity, and attractive proportions.

Top rubies bear the coveted “Pigeon’s Blood” colour while “cornflower blue” sapphires are among the most valuable in the world, especially those hailing from Kashmir (Burma).

In terms of origin, Colombia provides the most favoured emeralds in the trade while the finest rubies and sapphires usually come from Burma. “However, it is important to remember that attractive gemstones do come from many different localities, and it is all about the beauty of the colour and the budget available,” Christie’s remarked.

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